Homage to The Answer

It is rumoured that on October 30th Allen Iverson will be announcing his retirement from the NBA, marking the end of a career rich with success.


Iverson was the number one pick in the 1996 NBA draft for the Philadelphia 76ers and didn’t take long to establish himself as one of the leagues promising talents.  Nicknamed “The Answer“, he launched himself into every game showcasing his agility, crossovers and ability to score under immense pressure.

In his NBA career Iverson achieved almost every accolade that can be bestowed upon a player. In his first season he was named rookie of the year, he is a four time scoring champion and was crowned  MVP in the 2000-2001 season, which was the year he led the 76ers to the NBA finals.


In 2006, after 10 years with the Philladelphia 76ers Iverson was traded to the Denver Nuggets in search of new beginnings and a possible shot at making the NBA finals. Over the next four years Iverson played for the Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies, Turkish team Besiktas and once again for the Philadelphia 76ers, until he was delisted in 2010.

At 38 years of age and the chase for a championship ring behind him, it may be time to retire the number three jersey for good.  However, they are only rumours and if there is one thing you can expect from Allen Iverson it’s the unexpected.