The Dwightmare is Over

The rumours have ended, the questions have been answered and the critics have been silenced. Dwight Howard is playing for the Houston Rockets in the 2013/14 NBA season


After a quiet season with the Los Angeles Lakers Howard once again stirred rumours of being on the market and looking for a new place to call home. Of course this left a lot of fans and critics scratching their heads and wondering why he would once again be moving and above all leave the Lakers. “At media day in Houston, Howard made the cold but realistic statement that he left the Lakers because he wanted to win” (Pollakoff, 2013).

During the 2011/12 NBA season, there was controversy over whether Howard would stay in Orlando or be traded to another team. The attention surrounding this decision placed Howard in the media spotlight and brought to light rumours that he wanted Orlando head coach Stan Van Gundy fired. The lengthened decision making process and soured relation with Van Gundy led to the media reffering to the situation as the Dwightmare”.

It is understandable that as a seven time NBA All-star and three time defensive player of the year, Howard would move to a young team where he can contribute towards their success. The factor that may cause concern is that it has been quite some time since we have seen him in peak physical condition and playing his best basketball.

Dwight Howard Highlights

Although his stats from last season were not disappointing, we are still yet to see Howard return to his dominant form that saw him come close to winning MVP honours. Playing for the Lakers last season he scored a total of 1296 points in the regular season which is only four points more than what he scored in his second season in the NBA. One of the biggest aspects of Howard’s game is his presence in the post and gathering rebounds. He managed to record 251 offensive rebounds, the second lowest total in his career and 694 defensive rebounds, which is his third lowest (source: NBA) .

The media have been covering the movements of Dwight Howard very closely. It is very exciting for the NBA community when such a high profile player decides to join a new team, however at the end of the day they want to see that player performing.

The question of where Dwight Howard will play is over; the question of what he will bring to Houston has just begun.

For now it appears the Dwightmare is over.

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